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While you start a business, you can target the whole market and offer the best products at reasonable prices. However, then come to some brands who target an only niche market and offer exclusive products.

Some brands are known for extremely high-quality products and high standards. As the only thing matters here is quality, the rates of the products are too high for ordinary people. Hence they target only a niche market.

The particular set of people are ready to pay high amounts to get the best in the market. Also, another aspect is the status symbol.

Have you used smart devices? What are the parameters you prefer following while buying any smart device? There can be many things like battery life, looks, screen size, camera, etc. However, the most important and influencing thing is the operating system.

As we know, there are many operating systems in the market right now, but the most talked about operating systems are Android and iOS. The two operating systems have competition from years, and both are known for different features and advantages.

The number of Android users is more than iOS users. Both the brands have different advantages and cons. The reason why iOS is expensive and is a status symbol is the strict rules and policies.

Some strict rules and reasons why Apple rejects many apps:

. iOS apps labelled with “Beta,” “Preview,” and “Version 0.9.” are
usually rejected by iOS.

. There is a maximum loading time limit given by all operating systems
such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc. In the case of iOS, the maximum
loading time limit for apps is 15 seconds. If the app does not load
completely within 15 seconds, Apple will reject it from being published
as an iOS app.

. In iOS, it is mandatory that all payment mechanism should be done
through the built-in iTunes-based in-app purchasing mechanism. This
rule is applicable for only digital services or merchandise.

. Mentioning rival platforms by name is not at allowing. This rule is
present in all operating systems.

. Proper use of storage and filesystems is mandatory.

. The app must continue working through user denies permitting access
to the data such as contact list, Facebook account, photo gallery,
location, calendar, reminders, Bluetooth, etc.

. Apple engineers want apps to behave and that is the reason they
have rejected some apps for improper use of icons and symbols. The
UI must be according to Apple’s policies. Same applies to the
trademarks and logos.

There are 2.2 million iOS apps available in the app store as per the data of Statista from the year 2017. It is expected to reach a bit higher in the current year 2018 and not much difference.

What comes to your mind when you hear Apple’s ringtone playing? Heads turn around when an iPhone comes out of pocket. That is because from day 1 Apple has created an image of iPhone as a smartphone for professionals. All iPhones have iOS as an operating system, and no other OS is supported in iPhones.

Benefits of developing iOS apps

Strong brand value:

As discussed earlier in this article, the brand value of Apple is high. The brand has earned a perfect image and is known for delivery best quality solutions. Enhanced user experience is the most talked about feature of iPhones and iOS.

The difference in apps:

Some apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook, etc. are available in both operating systems. Such apps are called cross-platform apps. However, some features are still different as discussed before, Apple is very strict about rules, and hence the iOS apps are a bit different than Android apps. Not only features but also icons are different and a bit appealing as compared to android app icons.

Enhanced security:

As we know, iOS apps give higher preference to the security of user’s data and confidential information. Every user needs to store specific sensitive data about themselves, and iOS apps take care of security properly.

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