Google Fit App Has Already Changed: What Major Features To Look After

Fitness is the need of the hour for a sedentary world like ours. But people rarely find the motivation to do so. However, Google, in collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO) and American Heart Association (AHA) has developed the Google Fit app which helps you track your movement and other physical activities so that you achieve the basic minimum required activity needed for your body.

Since its first launch in 2014 for Android and Wear OS (earlier known as Android Wear), research has shown that people using it regularly have reduced their heart disease by 35%, diabetes levels have come down by 45% and there is a reduction in dementia, depression and falls by 25%.

Not just that even cancer rate has come down by 20%. This shows that Google Fit app are growing day by day.

With the launch of its new version, it has advanced and better features to track your physical activities and its intensity.

Let’s see what the new version has to offer us.

1) Set up information

To set up information in the new Google Fit is very easy. Though you not necessarily have to fill in all the details, it helps fine-tune activity-based results. The app will ask for your height, weight and gender.

Google Fit will also ask you if you want it to track your activities like jogging, cycling or surfing etc automatically. If you don’t like it, you can always opt out of it.

Also, you can set up the information on location for the app to track your activity route while jogging, swimming or running. But if you are not comfortable sharing your information, just steer clear from it or at best, just turn-off this feature. No doubt with Google Fit, you are in complete control.

2) Move minutes

This is the most essential feature of the app. Move Minutes, as the name suggests, tracks the amount of time you indulge in physical activity. It can be doing an aerobic exercise, climbing a mountain or swimming in a river.

It is up to you how many minutes to choose. The app, however, sets a default limit of 60 minutes. Now you have to determine if you can beat it or not.

3) Heart Points

Heart points is another way to measure your physical activity. However, in this, the app tracks the intensity of the activity and gives you the score.

Thus, if you cycle for a minute, you will get 1 point. But if you run for 1 minute, it will give you 2 points. The point being, for the same amount of time, the intensity of the latter is more than the former.

If you have a smartwatch with Wear OS, then it has an added feature for you. It uses the heart rate sensor to detect your level of intensity of the activity.

If you use your phone, it uses the motion sensor built-in to monitor your movements. Or if GPS is enabled, Google Fit predicts the intensity of your body motion to give you points.

The best part is that Google has partnered with the American Heart Association to gather data so that you earn enough heart points.

4) Digital Awards and Reinforcements

The new feature in the Google Fit app that sets it apart from its previous counterpart is that it has a trophy section. This feature records all your successes and goals accomplished with a detailed breakdown.

This may seem to be a very small development, but for people on high-intensity workouts, this is tantamount to rewards and reinforces their healthy way of life.

5) Ring based User Interface

If you push yourself on a particular day, it will up your heart and move points
Google Fit has a wonderful way to show you how activity progress in the form of rings. This is a very clean and appealing visual which adjusts according to your activity log.

So the app knows how much do you generally exercise and if you exercise more, then it will give you a higher score.

6) Numerous tracking options

People can track a range of measures on the Google Fit app – blood pressure, weight, different activities, etc. Thus, a person having high blood pressure or irregular pulse might not want to exceed a certain heart rate of blood pressure.

Similarly, you can track different sporting activities such as surfing, yoga, strolling by the sea or just walking. If that is not enough, Google Fit can also track your route in which you jog or cycle if you have set up the option correctly during the setup. So in cases of cross-country cycling, in case you lose your way, you can be guided on the correct path.

The Google Fit also boasts of speaking feature where the app – be it on your smartphone or smartwatch – communicates to you verbally. This is an interesting development as when you are in an intense and focused activity – like windsurfing, swimming or cycling – you could get information without having to look into your device.

People always goof up between different units of measurements; like kilometer and miles. The app does let you set the units you are most comfortable with.

7) Any activity can be added

One cool addition to Google Fit which is rarely found in any other fitness tracking device or application is that any activity can be added to it. So, you should not just limit yourself to popular physical activities such as jogging, running, walking, yoga, aerobics, cycling or swimming.

What if mountain climbing is the activity you want to track or maybe wood-cutting. These activities can also be tracked.

8) One place for viewing all activities

Journal is a place in the Google Fit app from where you can view all your physical activities. It is all at one place, so you get a bird’s eye view of the workout you have done so far. The activities in the Journal tab are the ones either from the wearable device or the app or added manually.

9) Compatible with other apps

The other great benefit of tracking your activities with Google Fit is that it is highly compatible with other devices and apps developed by android app developers.

So you might use Google Fit app for one activity and other apps for another activity. This compatibility feature enables you to have all data at one place for better coordination.


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