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These are the 9 Unknown Facts About the Internet of Things. I Bet You Don’t Know Till Date


IoT or Internet of Thing is a mechanism or an ecosystem that is made of physical objects that are connected and are accessible over the internet. In IoT, the term “thing” could mean anything. It can be a human being with a brain, a computer monitor or any other electronic device, which has integrated sensors; however, all of them should have the feature of assigning an IP address and should be able to transmit and receive data over a network.

The embedded technology, which is a part of these objects, assists them to communicate and interact with the external environment or internal states, which in turn has an effect on the decision being taken. IoT is also used when it comes to hybrid app development.

Scope of IoT

Internet of Things can connect different devices, which are embedded in different types of the system over the internet. When objects or devices can digitally represent...

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8 Compelling Reasons To Switch From Native App Development To React Native

The cross-platform mobile app development practice has become more popular nowadays. And, in fact, has taken the baton from fully native mobile App development. The native approach requires the programmer to build separate Android and iOS Applications.

The cross-platform strategy, on the other hand, comes with the perks on cutting down on the costs and time. This is because; the same code can be implemented on multiple platforms. The React Native is an emerging mobile solution, which is been termed as the next big thing in the IT world.

React Native is an open-source framework that gives programmers the set of tools and features to develop mobile Apps. The application is built using JavaScript only, which is compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms. This framework let you create a hierarchy of the UI components to develop the JavaScript. It has a wealth of components to...

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8 Tried & Tested Ingredients To Success In Your Mobile App Development


Modern day business houses are slowly understanding the importance of a mobile app in tapping in potential consumers seamlessly. But with more and more apps vying for the attention of customers, it is becoming extremely difficult to survive the cut-throat competition.

Instances are not rare when mobile app development company are investing their time and money on apps only to fade out soon enough. Keeping such things in mind, we have devised a list of 8 things to keep in mind during mobile app development for guaranteed success:

Conducting Thorough Market Analysis Before Deciding On The Requirements

Before taking the decision of coming up with a mobile application, you need to conduct adequate market studies. These researches can educate your adequately about the existing problems faced by mobile users. It can also provide you with solutions which are in place for catering to them...

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Top 8 Business Advantages of DevOps


What is DevOps?

DevOps is nothing but blending up development and information technology operations. The DevOps process deletes communication gaps between IT department and software or mobile app development department. DevOps integrate automation, programmable software development, infrastructure deployment, and maintenance.

Developers can use different tools from IT operations department and maintain the quality of software or app.

It is important for businesses to understand that DevOps is not a technology or tool. It is a term which integrates developers and operation professionals. The primary goal of DevOps development company is to shorten the development cycle of businesses. The communication gap between developers and operations teams generate hindrance on speed and flexibility of code delivery.

Basically, in DevOps, two different teams work together and use all the...

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How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the Movie Industry


Can machines think and behave like humans? This core philosophical question is what drove the human race towards Artificial Intelligence. The term Artificial Intelligence is pretty much self-explanatory. The idea of simulating the process of human intelligence by machines and technology is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence aims to fix, what human minds suffer at -Maintaining accuracy and precision consistently.

On the one hand, simulating the human intelligence, AI is comfortably able to solve complex regular life problems. On the other hand, a machine operation rids the process of human flaws such as ignorance and careless errors.

The film industry is an extensively technology-oriented industry. Thus, technological augmentations optimize every bit of pre-production stage to the post. All major filming elements are nowadays developed with AI. E.g., Digital simulation...

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How Facebook can be a part of your App Promotion Strategy?


If you want to get success in your app-business, you have to take the help of digital-media for satisfying marketing or promotional purpose. Digital media is now getting represented intensely by social-media platforms. Amongst all platforms, Facebook is the most popular one. This platform has some of the most outstanding features that cater great support to the promotion of your app business.

Moreover, Facebook-advertisement is pretty cheap and thus you can promote your app over your Facebook-page with a limited budget. Top mobile app development companies in India are now using Facebook as the best tool for promoting their applications including both new and existing ones.

Facebook can help you reach to your targeted community and this will ensure absolutely successful promotion of your company.
Facebook-application can easily be downloaded and accessed on all sorts of smartphones...

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What’s the Cost and Timeline it takes to Build your Favorite Apps: A Quick Sneak Peek


Smartphone apps can be now used for satisfying various essential purposes of daily life like shopping, banking, business, socializing, food orders, doctor’s appointment, and others. Android app developers are developing more and more new and unique apps every day for the convenience of users.


It is the highly reputed social-media platform that connects people globally. Here, you can create communities for friends, family members, office colleagues, and other groups. Similar kind of social-app can be developed with $60000 and the approximate timing will be 6-7 months.


This is a food-ordering app with the help of which foods from your favorite restaurants can be ordered easily. The value of this app is about $74560 and it involves 3-4 months.


This chat-messaging application is the most useful amongst all. Some extraordinary features that you can avail in...

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Important Aspects of Fasting App Development

Health has always been a topic of concern. Nowadays, people are being more health-oriented. People are going to gym jogging and even fasting to reduce weight.

According to a survey in the year, 2016 more than 75% of men in the USA were overweight. West Virginia has the highest obesity rate (38%) as compared to other states in the USA. Source. One of the seven deaths in the USA happens due to heart diseases. Source. Most of the heart diseases take place due to cholesterol problems.

Did you know that cancer can be controlled with fasting and chemotherapy all together? As per a report, only water fasting or fasting-mimicking diet can be helpful to slow down the growth of cancer tumors. Source.

People nowadays are so inspired to have a perfect physique. You can call it a celebrity influence or craze for fitness. But ultimately everybody is looking forward to reducing weight and get a...

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Remember these tips and features while designing a Mobile Survey App


It is anything but a mystery that organizations are information-driven today. Also, a survey is a ground-breaking instrument for gathering information. Overviews can lessen the danger of presenting new items and highlights. They can likewise gather experiences about representatives, clients, and markets.

Before, directing a review was tedious and troublesome, so for the most part, large organizations could manage the cost of them. Organizations needed to address discussions with the assistance of paper polls or phone or in-person meets.

Today, organizations of all sizes can utilize online study programming to gather experiences. The App development companies in India have build survey applications that have become quite popular. Overview applications streamline the way toward gathering information and cut expenses.

In complete contrast with manual reviews, online reviews require...

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Steps to Hire WordPress Developer


Nowadays, developing a website, web app or mobile app requires various tools and technologies. There are various types of websites available in the industry such as business websites, corporate websites, personal websites, e-commerce websites, reservation websites, etc.

These websites can be developed easily with the help of certain tools. For blogging and website content management, one of the easiest platforms is WordPress. Just like a programming language, database, frameworks, content management system is also required.

Have you heard of the content management system (CMS)? CMS is a web-based application where multiple users can manage and access the content. This content is not necessarily blogs and articles.

It is the data and information contained by an organization. This data can be of end-users such as credentials (user IDs and passwords), browser history, buying habits...

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